Saturday Workshops

Partner Dance Instructors

DFW SwingOut

Dony Chism - Dallas, TX


Are you ready to give Swing Dance a go! Look no further than Dony Chism and the smooth styling of DFW SwingOut! This dance form is based out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She has been teaching her own classes for about 3 years and also teaches at Adrian Carson's Groove Theory Dallas swing class. She also taught a line dance exercise class and SwingOut class in Murphy, TX for 3 years prior to starting a new SwingOut class in Richardson, TX closer to home about a year ago. Dony has been conducting both Line Dance and SwingOut entertainment and instruction for various birthday parties, company parties, weddings and reunions. She will make sure you leave her workshop smiling, feeling good, and able to get your groove on the dance once the party starts swinging! Make sure you check out here workshop during the Saturday session during the 2017 KC Dancefest!

Time & Room: TBD

Chicago Style Steppin - Ladies Footwork

Janetta "Tekniq" Barker - Kansas City, MO


Don't miss this session... this is a workshop favorite! Tekniq will teach you various female footwork movements. No partner is needed to learn.  Women will learn how to execute various moves that can be performed whenever she separates in the dance from the lead (male). Men are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the ladies footwork to have an understanding of exactly what she will being doing and how all of the movements maintain the rules and foot positions of the regular basics.

Time & Room: TBD

Urban Style Ballroom Basics

Darnell Brewer Jr - Cleveland, OH

GOT BALLROOM? Darnell does and he is ready to introduce you to the basics so you can give it a go before the Labor Day Weekend is over. Darnell comes to you fron Cleveland OH and we are glad to have him available to teach you. Urban Style Ballroom has a soulful flavor that uses a cha-cha, step-back kind of cadence. You will learn how to maintain that basic flow while executing turns, spins, and maybe even a simple dips or lifts but don't hold us to the last part. (Smile) See you in class!

Time & Room: TBD

Kansas City 2 Step

Darrell "DC" Calhoun & Carlen "Coco" Roland - Kansas City, MO


In 2014 Darrell and his wonderful dance partner Carlen competed in the 2014 Big StepOff Competition and won first place in the traditional 2 Step category. Check out their Saturday workshop and add a little bit of KC flava to your dance repertoire.

Time & Room: TBD

Urban Soul Salsa

John "Fiddler" Downton & Natasha Pritchett - Lees Summit, MO


This a don't miss session with our own Fiddler John & the lovely Ms Natasha. This is a  Salsa session grooving to a R&B Hip-Hop music flow. Salsa is a partner dance. The word is the same as the Spanish word salsa meaning sauce, or in this case flavor or style. Workshop attendees will learn to move to the beat, step to the beat, display the dance’s Cuban, African and Caribbean influences along with some flashy steps to take out on the dance floor.

Time & Room: TBD

Chicago Style Steppin: Ladies Patterns & Combinations

Daron "Dr. Step" & Janetta "Tekniq" Barker - Kansas City, MO


It is always a fun time for everyone when these two come together to teach. In this workshop session you will learn some simple tips and techniques to execute more combinations with excellent timing and less confusion. Dr. Step & Tekniq will have multiple stations setup so that workshop participants will be able to rotate around the room to get an opportunity to try out different advanced combinations.

Time & Room: TBD

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