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Travelex Travel Insurance


The ultimate in travel protection and emergency travel assistance.


Travelex Insurance Services is a leader in providing travel insurance. Thanks to more than 55 years of helping protect travel investments, our staff is among the most experienced in the industry.

You're about to go on the trip of a lifetime. Isn't it important to make sure your dream vacation is protected? Please click this link to compare plans. 

Travel insurance is recommended to protect you from financial loss in the event an unforeseen event was to occur that affected your inability to attend the KC Dancefest. Any last minute cancellation could cost you considerable loss with air travel, rental cars, host hotel, venue and/or participation cost. KC Dancefest (Back To Living Inc.) has a ‘No Transfer’ Policy and will not issue refunds for trip cancellations due to medical illness, family emergencies, loss of employment, job relocation, death of a loved one, military deployment or any other reason outside of our standard refund policy. Our Refund Policy and any of those associated with other travel considerations could be subject to no refund what-so-ever depending upon the time of occurrence.


We recommend that you consider travel protection and purchase affordable trip cancellation insurance from a reputable travel insurance agency. The cost of travel insurance is extremely small in comparison to the amount of monies that can be losses in the event of trip interruption.

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